Bunny on the Moon

Bunny was both confuzzled and ecstatic the day she found the message in a bottle. She had found it while taking an enjoyable walk through her moon garden. It is a grand garden Bunny’s moon garden, the most glorious the moon has ever seen, but we will save that for another time. At first she was uncertain of what she was looking at when the bottle caught her eye; she was certainly not used to seeing glass objects embedded in her flowerbeds.

Once she finally realized that it was a bottle with a carefully rolled slip of paper inside her fancies were indeed delighted and her imagination ran amok. She relished and marveled at the memories the message in a bottle brought to her scatterbrain mind. Bunny held the bottle delicately, turning it around and around as her thoughts and memories flew in flurries inside her bunnygirl head.

 As a child still earthbound bunny lived in an orphanage, it had been a lonesome and quite sad time for little bunny and she often found solace within her imagination.

One day the children had been taken on a road trip to the seaside for summer vacation. While there each child had written a wish on a piece of paper and placed them in a bottle very similar to the one she now held. They had then set it adrift on the ocean in hopes it would reach someone on the other side of that watery expanse. Bunny had sent hers to someone much further, trusting her bottle would drift to the horizon and into the night sky. For her wish was much grander, much much more extraordinary than any wish made by her peers. With all of her heart and longing Bunny wished that she could fly to neverland and become the first lost girl to join the lost boys. She believed her bottle would reach the evening star and her wish would be granted, then she could fly home and not grow up in this world that left her feeling so cold.

Each night to follow she would watch the stars from her window and listen to the stories they had to tell with their sparkling light. She would call back to them asking for them to take her with them and let her fly, but they would only twinkle and laugh telling her not yet… not yet.

The other children would laugh and taunt her calling that Loopy little bunny and teased at how she spoke to the stars. Bunny ignored their jeers and hid her tears, she didn’t give up hoping her time would come.

 Then late one night a shooting star flashed by the window, no one noticed or woke, but bunny did, Bunny noticed, Bunny saw, Bunny tip toed carefully across the old floorboards. In the moon light something glittered and shone. A small bag and a tiny rolled note sat there on the window sill, glowing and sparkling in the moonlight. With timid little hands that shook with anticipation Bunny unrolled the note and read…

“Greetings Bunny,

Here is your fairy dust, imbued with a little stardust to be sure it always lasts. Your destination is first star on the right and then straight on till morning, but your dreams are all around you. Be brave and keep shining little moon Bunny.”

Stifling a squeal Bunny bounced silently on the spot before bounding to her bed to gather her meager belongings. These consisted of a small pink backpack to hold her things, a jar containing trinkets such as sea shells  and feathers and shiny pebbles, a note book and 3 very used coloured pencils. Each item to Bunny was a treasure and could not be left behind so she packed them all carefully into her backpack and then slung it over her shoulders. Quietly then she crept back to the window and climbed up onto the sill, all the time clutching her bag full of dust. Her little hurricane mind was already a whirl with so many happy thoughts that as she opened the bag and dust spilled out she floated straight off the sill. With a squeal she shoved the pouch into her small pocket and then loopity looped her way up into the sky. She whirled around and stopped, hovering up above the town she had lived. Bunny sighed and breathed in deeply and then she whooped loudly and was off again speeding through the night sky.

Soon she was on the edges of where the stars began and she was at the first, well at least she thought it was the first, she had been having soon much fun she may have zoomed past one… or some. Bunny contemplated the stars a moment, kicked at a cloud, then looked down at her tiny hands. She never was that good at left and right, she had tried hard to remember the rhyme that helped but it escaped her whirlwind mind. Left or right, left or right, Bunny chanted and twirled, contemplated and twirled some more. Then she stopped and smiled and shone with the brilliance of her new and amazing idea. Bunny turned to face the moon shining bright up in the night sky, did another giant loop and off she zoomed into the night sky, her new destination… The Moon!

The Man in the Moon was astounded to see her at first and got an awful fright, he frightens easily for one who lives in space. There was a time when a moon attempted to jump over the moon, it have given him such a firght that he had refused to leave his house for days. But His Moonliness is kind indeed and he could see the small bunny girl meant him now harm and he felt kind of drawn to her innocent charm. He tried to tell Bunny gently that it  was no place for little girls in space but she insisted she was no ordinary little girl and told him of how she had gotten there. In the end he agreed that a friend of the evening Star was a friend of his. With a warm hug and a smile then he helped Bunny find a star closest to the moon to make her bed and he then tucked her in.

The buzz of a moon bee caught Bunny’s attention and dragged her out of her memories. She was back on the moon holding the bottle in her hands, the note inside still waiting to be read. Without further hesitation she removed the lid and took out the note and slowly unrolled it.

“Is there life up there on the moon? And if there is could I visit soon?”

Bunny smiled, bounced and did a twirl before running to show the man in the moon. He took the note gently and read it over and again before handing it back to the small girl, he patted her head and smiled as he nodded his approval. With a squeal she hugged him and flew up to her star with thoughts of a friend growing bigger, brighter and more possible than ever. Carefully she remover her pencils from her bag and wrote a note of her own…

“There is the best of lifes here on the moon. Nice to meet you friend. I hope you visit soon. from Bunny. xx”

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